About Us

We like to drink; on vacation, out with friends, girl's trips, and after a long day of work! During trips to New Orleans, Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas, we discovered the benefits of milk thistle. Day drinking, night drinking, all day drinking, we have no time for hangovers.  We wanted to get up the next morning and sightsee, work, or otherwise function like a normal person. Milk thistle helped with this.  As a natural liver cleanser, we found that taking milk thistle before drinking helped with hangovers.

After discovering the benefits of milk thistle, we saw a need for a great tasting product you could take anywhere.  We reached out looking for help to develop our formula, met some folks involved in the original development of Emergen-C and came up with several formulations.  We included other natural ingredients and vitamins to optimize the effect on hangovers while using only natural flavorings for a taste that everyone will enjoy.  After a few rounds of sample testing to get feedback from friends who imbibe, we have arrived at product that we are proud of.  We hope you enjoy it too!