September Drink Recipe - The Lemon Misadventure

This tasty drink came about from a real-time collaboration between 3 local companies who attended a networking event for entrepreneurs in north San Diego county.  The base is Lemon Love™ from Suja®, the tasty, low calorie, organic cayenne infused lemonade.  Add to that Misadventure Vodka, a wonderful  gluten free, pot distilled and carbon filtered vodka made from unsold and uneaten baked goods.  Finally, add some PartiStartr™ natural hangover helper to for some fruit notes to create the perfect balance of sweet and spice - a perfect drink to close out the summer and welcome fall.  It's low calorie and gluten free so you can enjoy this during a daylong football marathon or beach party with no guilt and no Monday morning regrets.  Enjoy!


Lemon Misadventure

Makes 2 servings


1 - 16 oz. bottle of Suja® Lemon Love™

3 oz. Misadventure Vodka

2 packets PartiStartr™ Hangover Helper

Orange wedges and jalapenos for garnish


Mix Lemon Love, vodka, and PartiStartr in a larger shaker with ice.  Shake well.  Pour into two Collins glasses filled with ice.  Garnish with lime and jalapeno.