February Cocktail - the Slingapore Startr!

Hey everybody! With winter in full effect here in the US, our thoughts take us to warmer climates. PartiStartr® took a trip to Singapore over the holidays and that is the inspiration for this month's cocktail. The classic Singapore Sling is fruity, tangy, tropical, and can sneak up on you quickly if you have more than 1 or 2. With the great fruity taste of PartiStartr added to this mix, you can be confident that you will be able to rise tomorrow even if the thermometer doesn't. Put on some reggae or steel drum music and imagine you are still on a tropical getaway. Summer will be here soon enough!

Slingapore Startr - makes 1 serving

1.5 oz. gin
4 oz. pineapple juice
0.5 oz. lime juice
0.25 oz. Grenadine
0.25 oz. Triple Sec
0.25 oz. cherry juice
1-2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 packet PartiStartr® Hangover Helper
Pineapple and maraschino cherry for garnish

Combine all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and pour into ice filled highball or small hurricane glass. Garnish with pineapple and cherry. Serve immediately.