August Recipe - Coronado Island Parti

There's nothing link a refreshing iced tea to help cool you down when the summer heat is at its peak. This month's recipe is our take on the classic Long Island Iced Tea - named for our local San Diego's nearby Coronado islands. You can adapt with spirits from your collection to customize it to your taste. Careful, it packs a punch, but with PartiStartr™ you can be sure that you will have no regrets the next morning. It's the perfect drink when you are lounging poolside - Enjoy!

Coronado Island Parti

2 oz. Vodka
2 oz. Light Rum
2 oz. Gin
2 oz. Tequila (silver or reposado)
1 oz lime juice
2 pakcets PartiStartr™ Hangover Helper
1 can cola
Orange for garnish

Fill shaker with ice. Add vodka, rum, tequila, gin, lime juice, and PartiStartr, shake well. Fill two tall/Collins glasses with ice, add contents of shaker. Top with cola and stir.  Garnish with orange. Makes 2 servings.